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Video - On Your Terms

The existing social video platforms are all great. We use them ourselves. But there is a big catch - you don't own the platform. As a video creator, you upload great content. Google or Amazon then decides what to do with that content. They will sell ads on your content. If you are lucky, you may even see a small cut from these ad sales.

You work hard to bring an audience to your videos. But because you don't control the AI algorithm, it is a bit of a lottery game. These platforms will also happily recommend other videos, encouraging users to leave your channel rather than explore your own content library.

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Your Own Platform

EventsMadeLive is different. It's a product designed for video creators and video library owners to build out their own branded platform. Sell tickets to your live events or charge a subscription fee for access to your training videos. Or sell your own ads. The bottom line is you have more control.

EventsMadeLive aims to be an all-in-one solution for monetizing your video business. We handle the complicated bit so you can focus on growing your business. We host and maintain your video library and website on reliable infrastructure and Content Delivery Network to ensure your customers can have the best viewing experience.

We are passionate about democratizing video broadcasting and enabling you to charge for access to live content in addition to your on demand video library. Whether you are a video Pro or just getting started (we'll show you the ropes), owning your own branded platform is the best way to cultivate your unique audience.

EventsMadeLive handles everything, so you can eliminate many of these distinct costs and vendors:

  • Expensive streaming server licenses
  • Video Bandwidth
  • Website developer contracts and hosting providers
  • Server maintenance
  • Infrastructure management
  • HTTPS certificate fees
  • Video monetization revenue share models
  • OTT fees
  • Video transcoding fees
  • Streaming origin servers
  • Transactional email services
  • Cloud Video storage costs
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Expensive Payment handling fees
  • Large upfront platform development investment requirements
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Your Video Platform For

EventsMadeLive provides a solution that is ideal for:

  • Local Content Providers
  • School Sports Programs
  • Special Events
  • Online Courses
  • Content Enterprises
  • Universities
  • Video Professionals
  • Corporate Training Catalogs
  • Broadcasters
  • Video Portfolios

EventsMadeLive makes it easy to build a professional website that centers and showcases your content. So whether you are streaming sports or a corporate training program, we have a solution for you.


The Journey

I am a video creator just like you. I started by founding a Broadcast Club at my University and building out the studio. Since then, I've done work on special events such as Sundance Film Festival. However, I've been looking for a way to make streaming economically viable beyond annual special events.

A friend who works in the sports streaming field asked me what it would take to build out a platform to monetize live video. He was frustrated with the outrageous quotes received from existing providers and the number of moving parts to get something like this started. This is an arena ripe for disruption. After an exhaustive search to find a better way to monetize live local sports streaming, I found that building was the only way.

I wanted a solution that was incredibly easy to use. It shouldn't be necessary to contract with dozens of vendors to build out a branded website with live streaming monetization capabilities. The pricing should be simple, fair, and understandable. EventsMadeLive has been under construction, refinement, and testing for the last year. I'm excited to report that a public launch date is within reach.